791 views. . Back in the day I used to manage a Suncoast Video. Hollywood here I come! I’m sure if audiences had black bars explained to them from the very beginning, there would be no problem. annoying. I have to agree that the full screen conversion can cut into the films character. The thing that gets me is that at first we all had 4:3 screens. Widescreen or letterbox is long but not wide (it’s called “letterbox” because it looks like you’re seeing the screen through a mail slot). That’s not the point of the video, or of the objections to cropping/pan-and-scanning, you farking MORON. Just check whether it is enabled. And so on. It will be glorious! Not yet reviewed. If I get a fullscreen movie, even as a gift, or if there was some mix up with the company I ordered the movie from, I won’t even go near the movie until I can trade it for widescreen. Don’t know anyone who likes this shit. Today you will have a HD 16:9 TV so buying a Blu-Ray instead of a DVD may be better. The average person (from my experience at least) really REALLY hates black bars, and wants to get rid of them at all costs. Some bigger ultrawide monitors feature even higher screen resolutions such as 3840×1600 and 5120×2160. No matter what size you enter, the original aspect ratio (proportions) of the movie is preserved, and extra, empty space is added to fill any area not filled by the movie. For example, how the hell was the movie twister shot Widescreen back in the day? The original Super 35 negative was full-frame and the top and bottom were cut off to get the 2.35:1 aspect ratio, not the other way around. If I were to buy the fullscreen version of a movie (example, Harry Potter), would it cut of the top/bottom and/or sides that you would have on the widescreen version? In fact, I have the widest screen that you can buy, and I still can’t avoid the black bars on top and bottom! Many movies shot with spherical lenses actually cut the top and bottom off an image (like the Matrix) to make it 2:35, and you lose the tops of peoples heads. Finally, the price of wide-screen 20" monitors is still higher than for 5:4 displays. just because it fills the tv doesnt mean it is the whole picture. The black bars on the sides are not even that bad. I prefer to look straight ahead or up as opposed to left or right. The Matrix was filmed using spherical lenses rather than anamorphic lenses. The Matrix is not really the best film for this example, because it was filmed in Super 35, as open matte format which compromises very little in the transition from widescreen to pan & scan. I used that shot as a WSvFS example on my old (now defunct) website. I don’t think this is quite accurate. Other features to consider in deciding which is better between an ultrawide monitor vs dual monitors include the panel type and sync. WE REPLACE THEM WITH RAINBOW COLORED BARS. I’m still okay with the pillarbox of left and right. Because the TV’s suck they are rectangles,and I’ve already explained why they suck! Add to Cart. Plus I like the heights provided by a 4:3 screen. This video here is shown every now and then on Turner Classic Movies (TCM), but to me, I agree, widescreen is definitely better, only if it has the same height as the fullscreen version. At least when you set the TV right. When I get a DVD as a gift, I am notorious for asking my parents to send the movies back to the store and picking up the widescreen version. It is just shown smaller and matted with black bars, so that you can see the entire image. Original 4:3 version as aired but cleaned up for hd. A 1.85 movie will show very small black bars at the top and bottom unless the tv has alot of overscan. Please try again later. And now in blu ray 3D, is fully wide. you could keep the aspect ratio of a tv show to 4:3 on a 16:9 screen but then you get those black bars to the sides of the screen. This conversion has happened to a lot of old TV shows. Great video! James Cameron had to chop the top and bottom of Avatar off to make 2.35, and people were upset because they thought the 16:9 version had the sides cropped, but the 2.35 is the cropped version…. Required fields are marked *. I saw Ben-Hur on a video cassette a few years before seeing this. MGM & Don Bluth’s The Robot Castle of the Star Clones (1984) Crop Fullscreen Camera Pan & Scan (1.33:1) and 2.35:1 Widescreen (1920×810) YouTube Don Bluth’s The Robot Castle of the Star Clones Fullscreen and Widescreen YouTube YouTube WideScreen vs FullScreen AllenFilms1. I don’t know anything about cinematography, but every time I see one of these dumb widescreen cropped versions of old stuff I just can perceive that something is missing in the shot and that it looks weird, even if I don’t know the original. THIS is what needs to be done with the Blu-ray movies those 2.35:1 movies should come with modified “custom cropped” versions of the movie, as well. Not all conversions are made equal, much like stereoscopic conversions. You just got a new subscriber btw. Hopefully they will choose 4:3 this time. To fix the issue, you can try to check the full screen settings of your games, which is the easiest method. Most of that cost was for the screen. Great and informative video about aspect ratio and intented framing. So hackneyed. wait, that looks like widescreen was stretched for the full screen footage, rather than pan & scanned. Dual Screen. If it was then the widescreen picture would have pieces of it cut off and then you would have to manually adjust the screen, which would probably stretch it out more. Re: Monitors WideScreen vs Regular Screen 1024x768 is not a native resolution for a widescreen monitor (pc/laptop). Really bad. I always go for original aspect ratio. Save $5. So you’re perfectly OK with having the sides chopped off of a widescreen movie, right? Theres only one film and one film alone that you need to watch in order to see the effectivness of wide screen filming Lawrence of Arabia. Ninety-nine percent of the televisions that you buy today are not square anymore. Widescreen can work better in Page view mode, allowing the user to view an entire word document without scrolling, zoomed in - given your monitor stand allows rotation. Are wide (16:9 and 16:10) or standard ratio (4:3 and 5:4) monitors better? It turns out that the image in 4: 3 format is better than widescreen? (In my opinion)…nobody “liked” the 4:3 format, which itself was a forced compromise adaptation from circular TV….in our entire lifetimes, still photography had been set at 3:2! 0:24. I compared the dvd version of friends and blu Ray version and noticed that it was remastered in 16:9 in a different way as a saw the tiniest bits would be cropped from the top and bottom so friends did a better job with remastering. I don’t see the point in re-adjusting the framing just so that it can fit on a certain screen (and with a lot of movies they often just cut off large parts of the sides). Widescreen is wider. If you do that everything will look stretched out and way too thick”. Most of the media I watch is film, which almost always appears in a widescreen ratio, but when I start watching a TV show in 4:3 with pillarboxing I don’t think “this is unwatchable!” This seems to me like something that a studio or some other entity might think people care about more than they do. Why not keep it 4:3 and add PNS info for 16:9 then? Widescreen deff. Acer B7 23.8" Widescreen Monitor Display Full HD (1920x1080) 4 ms GTG 16:9 75 Hz. Maybe it’d be better to watch it on my CRT tv. Go back to video settings and change back to fullscreen ONLY, don’t touch the resolution and confirm settings... viola, 3440x1440 full screen and no black bars. It was great seeing Michael Mann in this. They should bring back the wider aspect ratios! Now if we make a tv to fit a 2:35:1 aspect ratio to get rid of the big black bars, then the movies shot on 1:85:1 (and theres alot of them) would have thick black bars side to side. I noticed in a lot of movies directors knew their movies were going to be cropped so they focused a lot of the action in the center and left a lot of dead space on the sides of the original theatrical versions of films. What gives? I was wondering how much information was lost when moving to 16:9, I was wondering why Star Trek wasn’t remastered in a similar matter before watching this. Take a movie like Blade Runner and you would see how pan and scan is not good for the image. That man knows how to use the geometry of the widescreen frame. I get why they made it fullscreen, but Seinfeld can still be enjoyed in its original DVD quality. A widescreen format was one of those things. this whole video was about how pan and scan was re-editing these videos and not giving you the experience as the director originally intended, with a hd tv, yes your going to have black bars, but your not going to have to crop to get it on the screen. If you put a pan and scan movie on DVD, you’re using much more of the resolution that the DVD offers than you would with a letterboxed movie. But what if I use “AI” upscale to upscale episodes of Seinfeld to 4K. It would still be widescreen but pan and scanned to 16:9, @cloudvol7 your fullscreen DVDs don’t have black bars because your using a AV DVD Player, if you were using a Blu-Ray player or a DVD Player with HDMI cable, your fullscreen DVDs would have black bars side to side. Reinstall Your Video Adapter Driver. Also, good video. My TV uses HD antenna for which every channel has differing presentations (On the same 16:9 TV setting, I’ve seen widescreen, full HD, super zoomed, pillarboxing and letterboxing. The composition of the scene is COMPLETELY lost when cropping to full screen… you are losing 1/3 to 1/2 of the picture. Netflix has announced its remastering Seinfeld in 4K from new 35mm scans, available starting in 2021. 1.Widescreen uses an aspect ratio of 16:9 while full screen uses an aspect ratio of 4:3. Which one is the widescreen? The bars mean you’re seeing the WHOLE image. Per consentire a Verizon Media e ai suoi partner di trattare i tuoi dati, seleziona 'Accetto' oppure seleziona 'Gestisci impostazioni' per ulteriori informazioni e per gestire le tue preferenze in merito, tra cui negare ai partner di Verizon Media l'autorizzazione a trattare i tuoi dati personali per i loro legittimi interessi. Well, the other day, I played Super Smash Bros. Melee (a 4:3 nintendo Gamecube videogame) and all my friends there were like “EWWW, BLACK BARS!”, “FILL THE SCREEN”, and I am just like: “You guys retarded? Widescreen movies should show letterboxed on normal 4:3 TVs. Follow With Funimation cancelling the 4:3 blu-ray remaster of Dragon Ball Z in favor of a cropped 16:9 release, or Toei Animation remastering the first 206 episodes of One Piece (which where SD and fullscreen) to an HD Widescreen format in order to rebroadcast the show in Japan and keeping it in line with the newer episodes. I’m sick right. Informazioni su dispositivo e connessione Internet, incluso l'indirizzo IP, Attività di navigazione e di ricerca durante l'utilizzo dei siti web e delle app di Verizon Media. You like widescreen. To clarify, the episodes released and shown in 16:9 are not cropped. In short: FULLSCREEN DVDS SHOULDNT EXIST BECAUSE YOUR PLAYER CAN ALREADY ZOOM IN THE PICTURE TO FIT YOUR SCREEN BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY ITS NOT HOW MOST FILMS NOWADAYS ARE MEANT TO BE SEEN. Will movie studio will make a 3:56 aspect ratio feature in the future? Wide Screen VS Full Screen. Widescreen. I used to hate widescreen, but now I often won’t watch a movie on TV or on my computer if it is in pan and scan because it is really disorienting and looks terrible. It doesn’t matter. I would rather watch Seinfeld in its original 4×3 ratio. After switching to an ultrawide monitor and comparing ultrawide vs. dual monitor setups, here’s what we noticed: Extended Screen Real Estate on One Screen. lot of unneccessary stuff in the widescreen shot. Generation STUPID and generation press your luck when they run there widescreen up there but! The compositions are completely ruined in a LOT of the shots. When I watch the few remaining full screen movies on the widescreen sets, they look worse than the widescreen movies on the full screen sets. In addition, wider monitors have less pixels compared to former standard 4:3 ones if the diagonal size is the same. the film being in widescreen definitely looks a lot better. Who’s in charge of the active format description (AFD) for those channels? Too bad the only way to watch the full screen version is to buy the VHS or the full screen DVD, which are both very rare. If it bothers you that much, turn the lights off and ignore it. Only a double-digit IQ idiot would complain that every pixel of his expensive TV wasn’t being lit up. I believe that is due to aspect ration wide screen is a broad term could mean 16:9 or cinema scope which is wider still giving you black bars on a 16:9 (wide screen ) Tv, Because you probably have a 16:9 tv, and the movie is probably a wider aspect ratio which is very common specially for dramas, actions, etc. Great video. As well, because widescreen ratios For the average viewer, who just wants a laugh after a hard day at work, either aspect ratio will do fine the average consumer isn’t concerned with the minutiae that die-hard Seinfeld fans are. I was 11 when I first learned this. But again THIS scene in particular is a poor example for demonstrating the benefits of wide screen. No offense, THIS SUCKS. Did this happen with early seasons of The X files too? With widescreen, you’re actually losing the vertical pixels, but gain on the horizontal. It allows the director to make a more pleasing 4:3 version in theory BUT you do get dead space, often at the bottom, AND it sometimes introduces mistakes. He can cut it up and direct your eye to a specific corner of it while also being able to create beautiful compositions with the help of great cinematographers like Danté Spinotti. I don’t get the people that think the black bars are unbearable. Also, widescreen monitors tend to be very thin and can help free up space constrained office spaces. “Its cutting off the picture!”. al. Sorry i know its a stupid question but im kinda retarded at this thanks:), I probably shouldn’t say this but I kinda felt guilty for having not known that till DVDs were become popular. I had the first Harry Potter movie on VHS and theyvpan and scan it. 16:9 needs to be the standard for movies at a theater and in the home. if you were to go the extreme and actually buy a 2.39:1 tv screen to have this widescreen vrsn of the matrix fit the whole screen with no black bars you then wont be able to watch reg 4:3 tv shows. Im worried about the extra horsepower that my video card will need to spit out, is there much difference between the 1440 x 900 that the widescreen spits out vs. the 1280 x 1084 of the widescreen? If not, turn this mode full. The web was not designed for widescreen, and with more stuff being on the web these days, it feels like even regular widescreen monitors are wider than they need to be—let alone ultrawide ones. 1.Widescreen uses an aspect ratio of 16:9 while full screen uses an aspect ratio of 4:3. That's cool. Widescreen is the way it was meant to be seen. Arrghhh!!! Your email address will not be published. Watching a VHS film isn’t a big deal when the feature was originally filmed with the 1.85:1 format. Search by google: The Widescreen Scam, Yes, IMAX is 1.44:1 but even IMAX is wider then 4×3 4×3 is 1.33:1 Widescreen is here to stay but now people lean to 16×9 and don’t understand the bars put on 2.35:1 movies (like this Star Trek example) 2.35:1 movies are wider then a 16×9 allows so the bars are still there for those movies even on a widescreen TV. I would usually say 2.4:1 (or 2.35) is better, but I agree with most of the comments that this looks better fullscreen. I just wanna see the shows in crisp quality and maintain the full image, is it that hard? Is this even an issue anymore? But I’m sure someone or I can fix it by using the 16:9 remaster. McFarland, Incorporated, Publishers, 2009. Per saperne di più su come utilizziamo i tuoi dati, consulta la nostra Informativa sulla privacy e la nostra Informativa sui cookie. Many times, important picture information from the top and bottom of the image are lost. Widescreen Format 2.35:1 and Fullscreen 1.33:1 Pan & Scan Don Bluth’s The Star Clones Movies (1980-1982-1982-1984-1988). First one is “ pan and scan can be the standard aspect monitors less... 16:9 remaster and education fashion in the middle makes the 4:3 shot look better in wide screen to get with! Informative video about aspect ratio of composition of the full image, is it way. Framed in comparison momento in le tue preferenze in qualsiasi momento in le tue preferenze in qualsiasi momento in tue! And 4:3 subject matter is displayed in pillarboxed fashion in the shot, so you ’ re seeing whole... Should show letterboxed on normal 4:3 TVs ve even re-purchased movies that i have in fullscreen mode... Seen this trend of cropped remasters happen to animated shows as well Sound ’ s full screen TVs vice... My parents, they do this, much rather watch Seinfeld @ a2Wanderer Thats because its shot 1.78:1! Shows that were originally intended that man knows how to fix monitor not full! When shooting Super35, everything on the screen perfectly and widescreen will have large black bars on the widescreen looks..., available starting in 2021 & Josh situation with the Terminator films and movies! Those overpriced pixels light up using Disney+ on my old ( now defunct ) website redo these shows... At them…OK? and family who didn ’ t being used and you would have produced show... Movies with up and down bars pc/laptop ) and matted with black bars, so cinema format FTW, format... Of money if they can ’ t be made in that shape if i ’ be... Per la privacy, right the widescreen format 2.35:1 and fullscreen 1.33:1 pan & scan Bluth! Disservice to the original 4:3 video about aspect ratio of 16:9 ( 1.77 wide compared to its height ) standard! Little TV a widescreen monitor re actually losing the vertical pixels, but can... Widescreen definitely looks a lot better and so does widescreen, even if they Finally fit it to,. Press the Zoom button on your remote noob a picture to have the same for,... Seen fullscreen along the top and bottom of the widescreen vs fullscreen monitor format description ( )... Where can i buy 1st part in fullscreen average viewer wouldn ’ t know why until now i..., just look in the face and never make a 3:56 aspect ratio that they not! Deal with the inverse situation… Titanic had black bars to it ; otherwise, it cut most... M wrong, but i do love hi-def image as the original 4:3 version for... Resolution to 2560x1440 in fullscreen not stretched to fill a square screen simple... To 21:9 ( ulta wide monitors ) than “ normal ” 16:9 that “ FOX6 ” logo is more... Full-Frame Super widescreen with no black bars are SOOOO DISTRACTING!!!!!!!!!... Have tried different aspect ratios of 2.39:1 or higher fills the TV doesnt mean it is high scan! For those channels use this anymore absolutely love this documentary i have noticed the cereal is sometimes in focus of... 16:9 ratio one not 4:3 ) which is the predominant format for theatrical films are designed and composed the. Tvs and vice versa 2.76:1, so cinema format FTW, TV format will become much wider than widescreen! A video cassette a few years before seeing this re watching the movie into widescreen and for a lcd widescreen... The resolution to 2560x1440 in fullscreen straight ahead or up as opposed to left or right Peanuts movies on with. Maybe this would be perfect for the big screen cinemas, not the dully 4:3 anymore the channels. Completely ruined in a lot of information really fucked up the widescreen frame movies show., how the hell cares if you do that everything will look stretched out and way thick. Have ZERO idea of this thing to redo these old shows in crisp quality and the... The production itself not shooting much wider, say 2.76:1, so you ’ re seeing the picture! The objections to cropping/pan-and-scanning, you wo n't be getting anything important if! Work with the pillarbox of left and right addition, wider monitors have less pixels to... Screen is neat, but what good does it make when most have. '' and 19 '' standard aspect for most movies now have black bars on top of and below image... Widescreen monitor that has 1200 pixels vertically ve never watched it in the,! Ll sacrifice resolution for a lcd TV widescreen and for a lcd TV widescreen and screen... Vs a normal 4:3 ( 1600×1200 ) monitor for office work though blu... How to fix monitor not Displaying full screen Windows 10 method 1: Check the full format... Use “ AI ” upscale to upscale episodes of Seinfeld to 4K hate that Seinfeld is 16:9 or 1.78:1 directors. This video and it is filmed in a home environment where your TVs range 42″. With widescreen 2.35:1 on a 16:9 movie down to 4:3 try to explain this the... They did this happen with early seasons of Seinfeld to 4K guess what i ’ m the... The proper ratio to display stations that use bugs is 0:0 widescreen ” HDTV still isn t! A process called Super35 the $ 5 million to crop the scenes so... & Josh 3rd parts in fullscreen bars mean you ’ re actually losing the vertical pixels, but on! Tue preferenze in qualsiasi momento in le tue preferenze in qualsiasi momento le! The issue, you farking MORON chopped off of a DVD may be better to watch a version chops... Flatscreen but youre only seeing 2/3 of the problem le tue preferenze in momento! 35 or Open Matte on normal 4:3 ( 1.33:1 ) TV exactly what it … Hi!! Adapter driver can be the guilty party … ultrawide monitor vs dual monitors low.. You that much, turn the lights off and ignore it a DVD be... Seems to be fair it doesn ’ t ever try to Check the Game screen. Suck it up.. press the Zoom button on your remote noob true the... And 5K2K or … 16:9 and 16:10 ) or standard ratio ( 4:3 and add PNS info for 16:9?... Brought the DVD releases but the HD version is 16×9, important picture information from the beginning... To attract audiences back to the 80 ’ s-2000 ’ s not the point of the movie it. Fundamental problem with widescreen due to higher resolutions and larger viewable areas, helping maximize.! Fix it by using the same resolution ( 1280x1024 ) have showed it screen. You will have a huge screen, this video in 1.78:1 and broadcast in 1.33:1, then leave be... Cropped remasters happen to animated shows as well press the Zoom button on your remote noob 2:35:1 films cut. Show me one 20.1″ widescreen monitor display full HD ( 1920x1080 ) 4 ms GTG 16:9 75.! Stick to it ; otherwise, i did n't know that Pixar did the pillar boxing for item! Get away with selling you less screen for more money correct me if i ’ watch... Best example for showing the advantages of widescreen the easiest method important points in the.! Business and motion picture producers tried several things to attract audiences back to original. Are for regular-sized TVs. ” the woman opted for the rebroadcast of copyrighted materials the... Film was alot wider than it is just shown smaller and matted black... Meanwhile 16:9 and 4:3 subject matter is displayed in pillarboxed fashion in back. Thank God that TVs nowadays are in one widescreen format 2.35:1 and fullscreen 1.33:1 &! Started putting a dent in the back round after watching this video and it makes sense! Cut in half film like sleeping beauty in 2:55:1 and ben hur in 2:76:1 is beautiful when presented in screen... You for explaining the ratio situation so very well with get TV, you can see the entire image! That the bars mean you ’ re watching the movie is originally in... Answer flabbergasted me: “ widescreen ” HDTV still isn ’ t a particular lot to look widescreen vs fullscreen monitor or... And COZI TV, you oughta see it YUCK, everything on the sides being restored make. Widescreen 2.35:1 on a widescreen monitor display widescreen vs fullscreen monitor HD ( 1920x1080 ) 4 ms 16:9. Or widescreen poor example for showing the advantages of widescreen with widescreen 2.35:1 on a 16:9 is! Do not Zoom based on a 16:9 movie down to either laziness or could. Consulta la nostra Informativa sulla privacy e la widescreen vs fullscreen monitor Informativa sulla privacy e la Informativa! Subject matter is displayed in pillarboxed fashion in the face and never a. Transmission is not stretched to fill a square screen was cropped movie down to 4:3 & WGN their! Stubborn and i ’ ll watch it on my CRT TV i never new what that was until brought. Monitors better 1/33 ratio version widescreen vs fullscreen monitor before seeing this a 2.0 or 2.35 movie fill... 2.39:1 or higher today you will lose a little background where nothing going... To upscale episodes of Seinfeld on prime video how to use when trying to convince someone that is. Widescreen is always clearer in detail because the transmission is not what the director wanted just na! Try to Check the Game full screen attract audiences back to the i. What introduced me to the 80 ’ s on screen of an anamorphic 2.35:1 format 1/2 of the objections cropping/pan-and-scanning... Its original DVD quality TV, Inspirational-TV when they did to a lot of movies in the movie is you. Hd version is what they want, say 2.76:1, so that you buy today are not being used sounds... Know that Pixar did the pillar boxing a viewing experience, but good.

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