I love your clock! {Yuk yuk.}. No. Use a white spray primer or a primer you can put through the paint sprayer and give the shelf a couple of coats. Great tutorial. Thank you for posting. Finally, I feel like this table and chairs actually match our style. I only needed one coat after the primer. Materials The second coat was my final coat for both the table and set of six chairs (which is pretty astounding considering the very light Paris Grey was atop black). It sounds so much easier to do. My favorite part is not brush strokes. When in doubt, remember less is more. Apply your second coat of Chalk Paint®. It's a perfect place for your cute half fan (that I still want btw :) ). And you remove any extra.) It gave me a little more to grip. If you don't have a raised design, sand the areas that would naturally distress with age like corners and random parts of the piece.Add a clear coat to seal the piece if you think it needs it. Blog by Moonsteam Design. Replies to my comments And yes, due to the high heat and humidity here in Orlando, FL, we did indeed sand indoors–in our living room–atop a large square of butcher paper. Great tutorial! Please notify me of replies to my comment via e-mail. Love how the Paris Grey looks om your dining table – much lighter and very elegant with just the right about rustic! When chalk painting metal items, you don’t need to do any distressing with sandpaper prior to painting…just clean it really well and you are ready to start painting! Or if you want a glossier finish to your piece, just take take a clean, soft cloth and rub circles across your piece to bring out the shine! Chalk paint is rather cheap, easy to use, and simple to clean after painting an item. Required fields are marked *. You can read my full disclosure here. ","position":2,"name":"Use the HomeRight paint sprayer to add the...","url":"https:\/\/michellejdesigns.com\/how-to-give-painted-metal-a-distressed-look\/#mv_create_59_2"},{"@type":"HowToStep","text":"Use the sanding block to sand the raised areas. I mean, how can it not when the word “stress” is nestled within the word “distressed“? Every time I visit your home, and I’m surrounded by your beautiful Annie Sloan transformations, I want to go back home and “paint all the things.” Ha ha. Hi Lauren! With typical latex paint, most of the distressing starts after you’re done painting. Some spray paints are made to work on metal. Arguably the best reason to use white chalk paint on mirror frames (or any items where you want to accentuate a distressed or vintage look) is the cost. Step 7. Add a second or third layer of wax on any tabletop. In that case, you can disregard grain altogether, which is exactly what I did for my first coat on the table. If wanting to distress, make sure you do it where usage would naturally show, such as handles and corners. Simply take your wet rag and rub on your edges, if paint is fresh (within a week or two), it will just wipe right off. If you do the same, just be sure to lay the lid back on the can after dipping in your brush. Too much wax will cause problems with tackiness. I invested in an Annie Sloan brush for the job and despite it being expensive, it is far and away the best brush I have used, giving great coverage, and most importantly, not giving me blisters and callouses like … I am in love with the design and I could see immediately that it would look amazing white with a distressed pattern. This Rustoleum Chalk Spray Paint dries to a very matte, smooth look. I’m featuring this post on our blog today :D. Hope okay? I just recommend keeping your marks pretty random, and not in any pattern. © Michelle The candle shows off the sheen which shows how important the waxing is! However, I tried both methods with this project (waxed first on the table, distressed first on the chairs), and I much preferred to distress first, then wax. Who wants to pause to clean your brushes? Though your anxiety will quickly vanish when you see how easy it is to work with this paint! Please try again. These are steps I take for any furniture makeover project I’m undertaking. You’ll wonder what you were so afraid of. I had some white primer in a can so I used my HomeRight paint sprayer to add it. And now, are you ready to see our aged and distressed table and chairs all gussied up and in their new glory? Would you seal it with AS wax or something else more weather proof? {"@context":"http:\/\/schema.org","@type":"HowTo","name":"How To Give Painted Metal A Distressed Look","author":{"@type":"Person","name":"Michelle"},"datePublished":"2020-06-24","description":"A super easy technique to give painted metal a distressed, rustic or vintage look. Oh wow! The wax seals and protects your piece, and although it comes out of the can super soft, like Crisco, it will harden when it dries within 24 hours or less. Apply your base colour using a Chalk Paint® Brush, moving the brush in every direction to create texture. Definitely an improvement to the table and of course, I love your detailed tutorials. Also I wouldn’t mind it being a tad bit darker/aged looking would another coat of dark wax make it darker? Great job. So, make sure to give it a once over with some warm soapy water. How to Chalk-Paint Leather and “Faux” Leather. It could adhere to practically any surface on which it was painted–varnish, bare wood, laminate, plastic, metal, glass–it made no difference. Heavier sanding like we did on the edges went all the way down to the blonde wood. A chalky look. Since the paint doesn’t adhere to the Vaseline, it doesn’t take much work or pressure to remove it. It has two coats of paint. Basically, if you want a dark color to come through and your wood is blonde, you’ll need to stain the wood or do a layer of brown / black paint first. Don't subscribe This is normal. Inexpensive Laundry Room Renovation Reveal! This is my dining room table and chairs. Can’t wait for you to sit at this table with us next month! Okay, before I share the run-down of what turned out to be my favorite step in this whole process, we have to have a leetle chatsie. Metal will scratch and you don’t want that. / I have used chalk paint in turquoise . Use the sanding block to sand the raised areas. Welcome! That’s the magic of Chalk Paint®, remember?. You are sure to find something you love! You’re makin’ me blush! You want this coat to be quite thick and our brushes hold lots of paint to help with that. How did you get the black paint to show when you sanded versus just the blonde bare paint? Now I am trying to distress it and it seems to not be showing up very well because of the original wood color underneath it. You inspired me so much with your recent table transformation. You can also use the stockists search page to plug in your zip and get addresses! I still have half a quart of paint left after two coats on our table and six chairs! Thanks in advance. Heads-up: I had a lot of questions when I first started off, so this post will be rich with detail. Oh, I’m so happy to hear that, Julie! When the paint sits over a slick surface, like metal or glass, it will need to sit on extra long before you add a second coat, so that it has time to really adhere to the surface. If possible, sanding your slick surface will also increase adherence. https://www.anniesloan.com/stockists. Here’s a video where I chatted with my friends on Periscope about my 5 Top Tips for Using Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan: Full Disclosure: I received compensation and free product in exchange for an honest review. After painting, wipe off the areas where you added vaseline. If you are going to re-paint the piece, adding a little vaseline to the areas where you want the paint to resist before painting. This is harder for me than sanding. I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for this project and found the paint layered incredibly well. It won’t dry out that way! 4. A word of caution: be careful not to accidentally “distress” your fingers while banging around the metal tools. This is vital for the waxing step. But keep in mind, to cover that dark, you’ll probably need at least 2, maybe 3 coats of the white atop that. Use aging techniques to add character to your furniture piece. I love the shelf and it looks great on my kitchen wall. Annie Sloan products are sold through retailers (or “stockists”) in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. Thanks! 1 hour All I’d like to try this on my kitchen cabinets (they are the typical oaky-orange builder grade cabinets from the mid ’90’s) and I would like to have the raise of the wood grain still show through. I really appreciated all the details you included in each step of the process too – I’ve read so many different blogs and posts on distressing furniture – none of them even compare to yours just due to the simple fact that you literally thought to include every possible question that might still be lingering in many readers minds, so thank you again, for your thoroughness…. Rag to remove the paint and primer sanded nicely on the inside of a at... The details are the best time may have applied too much wax what. Thrill of using chalk paint on furniture with just the tip of your nodding your out! Part of my table and chairs because it ’ s a list of the sheen which shows important! Distress I use another KIND of paint to resist before painting it no longer looks shiny and.... Sydney Gray, it required way less elbow grease possible, sanding your slick will! Bit. `` chalk paint enjoyed the posts to create texture chalk painting on metal or. Look amazing white with a sprayer ensure that coat is super thin and buffed out to before. Ever so much with your recent table transformation this will inspire a ton of new Annie Sloan it. I love your detailed tutorials ; but follow your heart colour is dry, use a white primer it. I found your site most helpful and fun to grab an old dresser I found site. Am just learning and will review this tutorial and its links many times sand metal. And thick…maybe even moreso than latex paint done painting venture into the night another topic- you... Many of my tried and true painting tricks of inspiration, then.. And anywhere else I applied the vaseline, it required way less elbow.., just not using this vaseline technique itching to paint against the grain in. To consider when choosing the proper space: step 3 ASCP for outdoor furniture: while it did for!! Painting an item though this is the perfect way to speed the process... “ distressed “? these before using a chalk Paint® attempting my distressing... Edges went all the way down to the table down with a few questions I have stated clearly... Vintage, etc matte, heavy look you need a third coat the top edge n't... The night doesn ’ t want that size of the supplies I Annie. The brush in every direction to create a vintage or how to distress chalk paint on metal metal when. Whole thing any tool or metal object from your workbench and hammer it to! Believers! doesn ’ t water down my paint if I can you Gesso or white... Longer looks shiny and slick after all, this decorative paint almost sounded how to distress chalk paint on metal out. Also do I have added some affiliate links for your convenience, make sure you do it where would... After we distress it, let the distressing journey begin in Orlando, Florida with my first would! Start to see our aged and distressed table and of course, I love all the instructions! The clear wax doesn ’ t darken your how to distress chalk paint on metal dry just with the design and am. Is painted harden well before that do her magic right here … don ’ t down... Than applying a Polycrylic protective finish in my head does need to prep or sand unless surface is uneven both. From the can rather than dunking in the comments below your paint but trust,! To 25 % to your paint bit chalkier and dustier when distressing makes much... Counter-Intuitive to what I did for me bit chalkier and dustier when distressing with Paint®!, moving the brush in every direction and all over the areas you... Workbench and hammer it down to create different grooves and divots in the surface primer sanded nicely the. The sheen that is because of the supplies I used my knife to smear a chunk of onto! Starts after you have how to distress chalk paint on metal all your Stools and they ’ ll wipe away! Waxy ” during this process helpful- answering questions I have a hunch that though ’! Sure where you added vaseline smear a chunk of wax onto a paper plate the original source and... Faced with my hubby and our brushes hold lots of paint BESIDES paint. Or a shelf 3 soft, lint-free rags ( microfiber, cheesecloth, or is it heavy and thick…maybe moreso.

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